Was wondering why our country is so fucked up and why our Commander in Chief shuffles on pulling the trigger on the punks in Syria, when I read a blurb by a retired Army Colonel; the dude says:

Obama Reparations
“The anti-American political philosophies underlying the policies of Barack Hussein Obama can be defined as the juncture of three ideologies: socialism, Islam, and opportunistic racism to foster resentment among minority groups and promote race and class conflict as a lubricant for his radical transformation of the United States.”
(Sellin, L., 2013)

My buddy AL summed up the quandary we’re in when he said “It’s like I’m on a train that’s going somewhere I don’t want to go, but I can’t get off”; this ‘train’ being driven by a crew of limp-dick, double-talking, spineless politicians with no clue as to what to do about it. Told my buddy AL we gotta find a way off the train ————— and I think I know a way. Most of us military types were subject to meetings known as the BLUF (bottom-line-up-front), and contrary to the acronym, these meetings would last late into the night. The following is the BLUF on the aforementioned ‘train’ (and in the spirit of the true meaning):

Leave us the fuck alone.

Set a dividing line between us and them; the Rocky Mountains, Mississippi River, Appalachians, or Mason-Dixon. Leave a bridge open where folk can pass from one side to the other if they find they don’t like what’s happening on their respective sides

Give the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, Union leaders, LGBT communities, ACLU, and boot-licking politicians and military leaders what they want. Give them the opportunity to demonstrate the dynamics of socialism, and progressivism governed by their own beliefs.

————-Then get ready for some bad road ahead.
Road Tornado

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